The haunting truth

Love, love, love this!

Truth lords

It is our belief system, you being afraid of the truth when you know it can hurt you. You seek out this truth, only when you know that its exposition will be to your advantage. Do not look at it as selfish. It is an instinct.

What happens when the exposition of this truth leads to your loss?

You begin to hate the truth, to constantly avoid it, regardless of its purpose. You even go to the extents of weeding out all unwelcome or invasive truths and creating your own truth.

This innate abhorrence that you feel for the truth has led you to rue criticism, whether constructive or destructive. When a person tells you the truth from their own perspective, an instinct in you begins to rule the person out as insignificant, backwards and insensitive. It may eventually lead to hatred.

Try to remember the last person that sat…

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