Confidence is something everyone is capable of showing. Weather you are an 8 year old or an 80 year old, you have the choice to be confident. 

Confidence does not come from getting compliments. Confidence comes from loving yourself, being yourself, and being comfortable with who you are. 

Who cares if someone says you look ugly, says you need to change, question your style? Their opinions don’t matter. Their comments only mean have as much leverage as you give them. Bullies thrive off of getting a reaction, out of hurting you, but you have the choice to allow them to do that. You have the power over yourself. The question simply is, “Is this person important enough? Does this person truly know me?” The answer is most of the time no. They are not important enough, they don’t know you well. 

Every person on this earth was created for a reason. Every single person has a purpose. Find that purpose, work toward it, don’t give up. After all, you’ve already made it this far, you might as well keep going.  

In conclusion, love yourself, pamper yourself, do what every you have to do to better yourself. You ARE loved. You ARW worth it. You WILL keep going. Don’t give people the credit they don’t deserve. 


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